• Andy & Felicia

Budget Breakdown: Tulum

For Tulum, we knew ahead of time that we would be spending more on food, so we decided to add $10.00 to our usual daily budget and set a goal to spend around $70.00 per day. Travel costs were next to nothing, since we biked everywhere. Also, our costs for sights were super low because we only went to the Tulum ruins and spent the rest of our time at the free public beach. Even though we expected to spend more money on food, we got to eat a lot of seafood at a low cost (compared to seafood prices at home). For example, we were able to get enough seafood to overfill us for roughly $15-$20 total... and that's including drinks AND tip. It also helped keep our daily average low when one of us wasn't able to eat anything for 24 hours.