• Andy & Felicia

Budget Breakdown: Nicaragua

Well, it's pretty clear that we went over our anticipated $70/day budget during our two weeks in Nicaragua. Although we spent more money here than we did in previous countries, this does not mean Nicaragua is more expensive than its neighbors. Our food, alcohol, and accommodations costs were about the same as the previous few countries. As for our "Travel" expenses, most of that was from the $60 we spent on Island Ometepe for our taxis to get around the island, which was something we did not plan for. We definitely spent more in "Sights" due to our volcano boarding tour (which was totally worth it) as well as Andy's second surf lesson. Finally, our "Other" costs are high because we wanted to stock up on toiletries as well as bug spray and sunscreen before heading into more expensive Costa Rica.

Spending 14 days in a country we absolutely fell in love with and getting to do so many memorable things for only $1,000 is actually quite amazing.