• Andy & Felicia

Budget Breakdown: Merida

Compared to the other regions we have stayed in Mexico, our daily average for Merida was definitely a little bit higher than we had hoped. Obviously, having dinner at P.F. Changs our first night there set the stage for how much we were going to be spending on food. However, it was much needed, so we’d say it was worth it.

In general, the food in Merida was more "expensive" than cities such as Oaxaca and Mexico City since it was much harder to find “cheap eats.” The other outlier category was “Travel” since we stayed a bit further from the downtown of Merida and had to rely on Uber and taxis for certain situations. So, if we had cut out the P.F. Changs meal and used Uber less, we definitely would have stayed closer to our $60/day target budget. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again… although we went over our projected daily budget, the prices are still much more affordable than what they would be at home.