• Andy & Felicia

Budget Breakdown: Costa Rica

We knew before arriving in Costa Rica, that we would be spending more money on food and accommodations compared to previous countries. When we were in Nicaragua, we were able to get our meals for about $20.00/day, while in Costa Rica it took some effort to keep food costs around $30.00/day. Though we only spent 5 more days in Costa Rica than Nicaragua, we spent about $300.00 more on food because it was more difficult to find "cheap-eats."

On a daily average, we spent less on accommodations in Costa Rica. However, we were only able to achieve that by staying in hostel dorms throughout our entire time in Costa Rica.

Our goal was to spend about $75.00/day, and we were able to pull it off. We're pretty proud we were able to see everything we wanted, while being able to stay right on budget in one of the most expensive countries in Central America.