Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you choose to travel through Mexico + Central America?

We chose this region of the world because we knew we could stretch our money more than we could if we traveled through another region, for example, Europe. Also, the flight into Mexico City was very affordable. We also wanted to start off somewhere where we had a rough idea of the language. Although our Spanish isn't as efficient as it should be, especially since we both took Spanish classes in high school, we know enough to get by. And finally, you can't pass up tacos for less than a $1.00 each!

How were you able to fund this trip? 

Roughly half of our funds came from our wedding registry, so huge thanks to our incredible friends and family! We also had the wedding of our dreams on a low budget! The other half was saved up over time as we worked as many hours as possible at our jobs. Felicia, as a wedding photographer and Radiologic Technologist, booked as many photo shoots throughout the summer and scheduled as many shifts as possible as an R.T. Andy, a teacher, worked Saturday detentions during the school year and was as a crew leader for the Student Conservation Association in the summer. When we had nothing planned on the weekends, he would work some extra hours driving for Uber & Lyft to save up extra money. We definitely cut corners throughout the past couple of years and sold a lot of our belongings that we no longer needed!

How are you traveling through these countries, and where are you staying?

We flew into Mexico City on September 18th, and from there, we are traveling from city to city and country to country by bus. To keep our budget low, we are staying at AirBnBs and hostels. At some point on our trip we will also be participating in WorkAway, an international hospitality service that allows travelers to work on farms and small organizations in exchange for accommodations!

What are you bringing with you on this long trip?

All we have with us are our backpacks that include just the essentials!